Faith is eternal force,

remain believer to live a Desirable (ISHT) life.

💐  जय.. जय… 💐

आस्था | Faith / Belief | શ્રદ્ધા


A warm welcome to ISHT Life Platform.

Wish you all to be ISHT Life Enjoyer!

How to be so happy? And the answer can be : by ‘attaining ISHT life…’

ISHT life platform reveal its perception here that आस्था – FAITH – શ્રદ્ધા is one of the prime element to enjoy ISHT life.

Is that little kid in mothers’ feeding lap doesn’t enjoy effortlessly the essence of आस्था – FAITH – શ્રદ્ધા?

आस्था – FAITH – શ્રદ્ધા is an eternal force, stay believer to live and enjoy ISHT Life and do pace harmoniously with ‘ISHT life ‘platform march’ till ISHT destiny i.e. Desirable (ISHT) Life.

Believing in one’s own self is the very first step towards empowering our life. Empowering our life is an approach to making life better, brighter and mightier towards ISHT Life.

Entire “human life science industry” is striving to make life better. “Human life science” helps us understand everything about us. About our overall being and holistically living a ISHT Life.

Betterment is an all dimensional development procedure to make desirable changes in our life. All dimensional development of our life is motive and inspiration for ISHT Life.

Mindfulness is important for all dimensional development. Creativity is the practice for the situation “How to be mindful in everyday life?”

Being creative in our life is like following the great creator ever i.e. Almighty. A laymen is accepting Almighty by faith and belief in his/her religion or spiritual tradition.

GOD or ISHT DEV / ISHTA DEV (sometimes ISHT DEO)  etc are  well-known   names of Thy  ALMIGHTY given by religious and spiritual theories. Our major religions and spiritual traditions  directly or indirectly lead us to our ISHT Life. Almighty Thyself is a supreme role model of ISHT life; the tradition / custom / ritual for lay people to worship / adore Almighty of their respective religious and spiritual branch is so prevailing. Faith / Belief (ASTHA / SHRADDHA) is the core essence of every religion and spiritual tradition. By faithfully believing in own religion one can explore his/her ISHT Life.


Who doesn’t desire an ISHT life…? 

 Yes, I do desire 


  1. D.C. PATEL

    jay….. jay…….
    Thanks for good guidance about faith

    please tell me , how to develop faith and implementation of faith in my daily life.

  2. mansi kiran jinadra

    Om shanti🙏❤
    hu badhaj dharam ma manu chu .ne hu manu chu har ek soul param pita shiv ishvar na santan che chahen hindu muslim sikh ishai har ek insan ma hu manu chu k har ek jeev shiv em kahi saku k hu kattar hindu muslim sikh etc nahi pan kattar dharmik aatma chu.bus ekaj dharam maro insaniyet no.😍😊☝️.savnu kalyan thai .badha sukhi thai .God bless u all❤❤❤🙏

  3. Kirti Bhavesh

    ISHT has really changed my perspective on how to see my day today life… How to be a positive vibrations in oneself…
    How to use ones hidden potential n how one can cure & improve their lives.. by asking, believing n receiving… Jay.. Jay…

  4. Anonymous

    Jay jay it’s excellent

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