Our team

In order to justify the various ranges of products/services to be provided by ISHT LIFE Platform, it shall mold, induct and associate with experienced, skilled and energetic professionals who possess the necessary expertise and are masters in their own right – ISHT Friend (ISHT MITRA) – who are our associates and the life-line not only for the ISHT LIFE Platform but also for Participants.
The selection, training, and induction of ISHT Friend shall be an on-going process.
ISHT Friend shall be our Principal Ambassadors hence their attitude, approach, practices, and code of conduct shall be defined in a manner that shall conclude the theme of ISHT LIFE Platform.


Missioner & Promoter ‘ISHT LIFE’

I am a lover, missioner, and promoter of incarnated conception ‘ISHT LIFE’ (इष्ट जीवन). 

I exist as the youngest child of mother Kiran & father Natvarsinh Raul for very first on 18:05 Hrs of 28th Nov 1976 at Mumbai INDIA, I experienced all-round caring, nurturing and inspirational childhood at the megacity Mumbai, on the magnificent mountains of Saputara and in the lap of divine mother Narmada.  Read More…

Principal Ambassador ‘ISHT LIFE’

Since childhood, he was naturally inclined to spirituality, occult sciences, and human behavior. This motivated him to study psychology and he achieved a higher rank in University in the 80s. He also performed so many Hypnosis non-professional stage shows from 1980 to 1985 which nurtured him a deep level of understanding in Hypnosis including regression etc. 

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Principal Ambassador ‘ISHT LIFE’

Interests & Expertise in setting up New Business.

Restructure of loss-making and stressful Business, working for Small Business Model in GAP area with value addition, Create a platform for individuals who have the talent and looking presence in society or mankind.
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Principal Ambassador, Visualiser & Presenter 'ISHT LIFE'

Share Love, Celebrate Love is my life mission.

Whatever I have observed & learned from LIFE, from my parents, from my friends, enemies, nearer and dearer, my work environment, my surroundings, and Mother NATURE; trying to extract the best of it and share it with all.

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