Interests & Expertise in setting up New Business, Restructure of loss-making and stressful Business, working for Small Business Model in GAP area with value addition, Create a platform for individuals who have the talent and looking presence in society or mankind.

A Serial Entrepreneur, Venture Facilitator, M & A, Capital Sourcing, India Entry Strategy, Overseas Expansion, Advisory   Etc. A substance for the next generation of great entrepreneurs to help them take risks think big, work in the social sector with a commercial mindset, reduce inequality with a focus in own strength, migration from urban to rural, and succeed.

Focusing on areas like Financial Modeling, Business Strategy, Entry Strategy, Process design,  Business Compliance Etc.

Having  a  background in Wellness Model, Healthcare, Education, Entertainment & Media, Logistic Industry, E-commerce, Retail Model, Agro & Animal Husbandry, Petroleum, Renewable Energy, Startup,  Data Bank, Equity as Assets,  Micro Fiancé, Virtual Money, Etc.,

Strategies Value Creation for shareholders and propel the growth of return on investment, maintain investor & customer relations. Accountability, Ethical Policy, Best Practices, Honest use of Role & Responsibility, focus on equality, Promoter always prepares for any odd circumstance, Consideration of Past, Presence & future for any decision & Natural way of working.

Deal Finding, Deal Movement, Deal Finishing, Portfolio management, Etc.

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1, Jay Jyoti Building,
Ratan Nagar, Borivali,
Mumbai 400 068
Phone: +9193767 36767

403 Shreejee House, B/H M.J. Library,
Ellisbridge, Ashram Road,
Ahmedabad 380006
Phone: +9179 66634225